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february 21, 2020

kansas city, missouri

The Artemis Initiative will empower the workforce of the future by planning, training and educating job seekers on the future state technologies and the evolution of jobs and the labor market. At the launch event, guests saw examples of the possibilities for augmenting the human experience, including collaborative robots, autonomous vehicles, and mixed reality applications. They also experienced how technology can be ethically intertwined with everyday job functions for disadvantaged workers to create truly integrated employment opportunities.


Our President and CEO, Edward Lada, Jr., presented the Artemis Initiative alongside John McElligott, CEO of York Exponential, to Goodwill CEOs from across the nation, as well as volunteers, board members, community partners, and Kansas City’s tech leaders. Thank you to our partners; York Exponential, Tesseract Ventures, Keystone Innovation District, and the Fortress Academy for supporting and participating in this incredible event!

Artemis Launch Presentation
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The artemis initiative kickoff

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