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Artemis Advisory Council

We know input from our local employers is vital to the success of the adult training center. To that end, Goodwill is excited to announce the creation of the Artemis Advisory Council. The Council will be asked to:


  • Identify in-demand jobs, future state industries, and areas of training to prepare a job seeker for 4th industrial revolution careers.

  • Identify and make connections with possible partners, including employers, training institutions, and funders to enable the success of the Artemis Initiative.

  • Support the crafting of advocacy messages.

  • Assess the impact of Artemis Initiative programs and recommend modifications to improve.

  • Serve as an advocate for Goodwill and the Artemis Initiative


Goodwill is actively recruiting individuals interested in serving on the Council. Contact Kristen Wood, at 816-213-3235 or if you’d like to learn more.

DeBruce Foundation Project

In partnership with the DeBruce Foundation, Goodwill is piloting the use of virtual reality (VR) to develop important transferable skills. The Mursion VR platform provides facilitated sessions (with human-driven avatars) for learners to practice using the DeBruce Foundation’s “agilities,” or skills such as selling and communicating, managing, innovating, developing others, etc. Goodwill is executing 150 training sessions for current employees and will help evaluate the effectiveness of this tool for worker participants and their supervisors. We are grateful to the DeBruce Foundation, which is funding this project.

Our Partners

Each contributes expertise, resources, and passion to our shared commitment of preparing workers for the 4th Industrial Revolution. 


We need more partners. Inquire about joining the Artemis Initiative by contacting our Director of Strategic Initiatives, Kristen Wood, at 816-213-3235 or


Together, we will empower the workforce of the future.

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Ed Lada, Jr.

MoKan Goodwill President & CEO

U.S. Congressman

5th District of Missouri

Emanuel Cleaver

John McElligott

CEO of York Exponential

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