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Work is more than a paycheck - it is self-sustainability, growing a family, pride, dignity, and equality. 


However, the 4th industrial revolution and exponential advancement in technologies are changing the job market. Millions of people will need to switch occupations or upgrade skills to remain employable, and individuals with disabilities and other barriers will be disproportionately impacted. We can and must come together to proactively equip workers and companies for this transformation so that no one is left behind.

The Artemis Initiative is that proactive collaboration; it is a partnership among technology companies and Goodwill of Western Missouri and Eastern Kansas to train workers for the occupations of the future. Beyond that, we will leverage these technologies to augment the human experience. Technology can be ethically intertwined with everyday job functions for disadvantaged workers in order to create more job opportunities.


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Artemis Initiative


Increasing employment for persons with different abilities and other barriers  in this changing economy is both possible and beneficial.


Together, we will empower the workforce of the future.




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